“Well, duh!”

I love WordPress… AND, anything webby can be sometimes be such a black hole of time!

Itt can take 18 hours of struggling and searching and reading and puzzling and waiting for responses from the “Happiness Engineers” (3 days later, no reply yet) and posting to the forums and  reading the support pages, only to not quite find an answer that makes sense to you.  Finally you just mess with a test blog until you get it to sort of be you want, without really understanding how you got there.  Then you change up your real blog.

Looking backwards over your epic battle with explanations you didn’t understand, you realize that you actually learned something through some mysterious osmosis that you can’t explain.  In some ineffable way, what you didn’t even know that you didn’t know has somehow become a “Well, duh!”. I am now proud to say to myself, “Well done!”

So I hope the new Nishita theme, galleries, and drop down menus work for you, my wonderful customers and friends.